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AddressHunan Changsha National Bio-Industry Base Hunan MAGPOW Adhesive Group

Company profile

Strive to be the world's largest stone adhesive production base----HuNan MAGPOW Adhesive Group Co.,ltd.

My group's predecessor was HuNan Magic Power Industrial Co.,LTD. Created in November 1989, and located in the world famous town of fireworks -- liuyang city.

After thirty years of hard work, the company becomes stronger and stronger.

Currently under the jurisdiction of the group:

> HUNAN MAGPOW Construction Adhesive Technology Research  

> HUNAN MAGPOW Adhesive Group Co., Ltd.

> HUNAN MAGPOW Tube (Packing) Manufacture Co., Ltd.

> JIANGXI MAGPOW New Material Co., Ltd.

> HUNAN MAGPOW Adhesive manufacture Co., Ltd.

> Cameroon MAGPOW Adhesive Co., Ltd.

It covers an area of about 150000 square meters. At the same time, it also has 20 million square meters of self-harvesting pine forest base in HuNan and JiangXi provinces, the total value of which is over 350 million yuan. 

HuNan MAGPOW Group specializes in the production of different Twelve varieties of stone adhesive products such as block material wrapping, pouring, sheet crack repairing, crack repairing, back net reinforcement, repairing surface glue, grinding-free spray surface glue, light curing surface glue, compound, parquet, alien stone material bonding ,dry hanging, more than 90 products.

The 169 (stone) sheet composite adhesive and room temperature 5-minute curing epoxy glue (stone crack repairing adhesive) developed by the group have been appraised by the Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province: the overall technology of the products is at the domestic leading level, and the technology as a whole is at the international advanced level. Or the main performance reaches the international advanced level. At the same time, the two national compulsory standards of "Stone Adhesive for surface" and "Production of Ultra-thin Stone Composite Panel" independently compiled by our company have been issued and implemented.

What is more gratifying is that the National Stone Adhesive Research Institute - Hunan MAGPOW Building Adhesive Technology Research Institute has settled in MAGPOW; the national stone adhesive anti-aging base will also be listed in MAGPOW.

However, it still has a long way to go to become a benchmark enterprise in the stone adhesive industry in China and the world. Only by intensifying innovation and continuously,improving the self-production capacity of raw materials for stone adhesives, achieving full automation and modernization of production equipment, while paying close attention to product quality and strengthening quality process management, MAGPOW Adhesive Group can become a world-renowned stone adhesive carrier.

Recent-2011 2006-2010 2001-2005 1989-2000
New office building put into use.
The companys intelligent office building which is invested 30 million Yuan put into use.
Hunan international famous brand
Magpow was recognized as an internationally renowned brand in Hunan Province