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[Guangdong] Conley Stone Group Quality is a solid foundation for cooperation

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For a long time, Guangdong Conley Stone Group is using the stone surface glue of MAGPOW. 
The initial cooperation was due to trialing MAGPOW 's sample of the stone surface glue in one of the Conley’s factories. Later, Conley Stone Group has been insisting on the use of MAGPOW 's stone surface glue, the most used of which is the stone surface glue SK-1008.
The stone surface glue SK-1008 is a high-standard product and is basically harmless to the human body. Mainly used for the repairing of various types of stone surface micro-cracks, sand holes, chicken claw lines, ant roads, Uneven place. Good permeability, strong adhesion, good yellowing resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, weak acid and weak alkali resistance, colorless and transparent rubber layer, strong anti-yellowing property.
Although the performance of the stone surface glue SK-1008 is very good, it also has its own shortcomings. It works at high temperature and needs to be used in an environment above 15 °C. But for the Conley Stone Group in the South, the impact is very small. Therefore, Conley has been using it.
In the long-term cooperation process, the stone surface glue SK-1008 has never been returned, and the quality is very stable.
Quality is the solid foundation for stable cooperation!
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