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[Hubei] Xinyi Stone Factory signed a cooperation contract immediately after trialing samples of stone back mesh glue

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Last month, more than a dozen employees of Hunan MAGPOW Adhesive Group went to Hubei Stone Factory to carry out product samples. In the Xinyi Stone Factory, the technical staff tried the moisture-cured transparent back mesh adhesive SK-7026 and the moisture-cured back mesh adhesive SK-7027. After 2 hours of curing in the room temperature, the back mesh is firmly bonded to the stone slab and can’t be torn. Seeing such a good bonding effect, the owner of Xinyi Stone Factory decided to sign a contract and start using the products of MAGPOW Adhesive group.
Before this, the backing adhesive used in the stone factory was an unsaturated resin adhesive. The unsaturated resin back mesh adhesive has a strong unpleasant odor and contains harmful substances such as Styrene, oxidized cyclohexanone, which is likely to cause harm to the employees who usually brushes glue.
In addition, the unsaturated resin backing adhesive has extremely poor aging resistance and poor gloss, which invisibly reduces the quality of the finished stone product,which reduces corporate profits.
Moisture-curing back mesh adhesive is one of the series of stone backing products. It is a high-standard product in stone back mesh adhesive. It is mainly used for the back mesh of various natural stone slabs and glass fiber mesh. It is a two-component modified epoxy resin glue . It has high strength, environmental protection and non-toxicity. Advantages of moisture-curing back mesh adhesive: strong adhesion, anti-yellowing, anti-aging, and resistant to a variety of media.

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