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[Jiangxi] Use MAGPOW Stone Back Glue, Stone Breakage Rate Drops

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In July, Hongfa Stone Factory ushered in a new course. Through the promotion of the regional manager of Jiangxi, Hongfa Stone Factory began to use SK-1613, the stone adhesive of MAGPOW Adhesive Group .After the sample, the Hongfa Stone Factory all praised SK-1613.


Hongfa Stone Factory is a small stone processing factory that has used unsaturated resins to bond fiber mesh and stone slabs because of cost and market area. The result is a series of problems: the worker's health, the surrounding residents complaint, the poor ruggedness of board and fiber web and poor convenience of transportation.

SK-1613 is one of the series of stone back reinforcing adhesive. It is an ordinary product in stone glue. It is mainly used for the back mesh reinforcing of various natural stone slabs and glass fiber mesh. It is two-component modified epoxy Resin glue,which has high strength, transparency, environmental protection and non-toxicity. But compared to other products, the price is relatively more affordable, more suitable for small and medium stone processing factory. 

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