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[Shandong] Gaoshi Stone Group once again purchases stone adhesive by telephone

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The Gaoshi Stone Group in Shandong once again purchased a batch of stone back reinforcing adhesive SK-1104 by telephone. In September 2015, the leaders of Gaoshi Stone Group visited MAGPOW Adhesive Group,visited the company's production line and technology research institute. The production capacity and scientific research level have been greatly affirmed. At the same time, Gaoshi Group was decided to promote the use of MAGPOW Adhesive Group's products in the whole group,especially for the stone back reinforcing adhesive SK-1104.


Due to the promotion, in the Gaoshi Group interior, MAGPOW Adhesive Group's products have been accepted by many branches, and have received great praise. The high quality and low price of MAGPOW Adhesive Group's stone glue series are the main reasons that MAGPOW have been favored by customers.

SK-1104 is one of the series of stone back reinforcing adhesive . It is a high-standard product in stone glue. It is mainly used for the back mesh reinforcing of various natural stone slabs and glass fiber mesh. It is two-component modified resin glue . Oxygen resin adhesive has high strength, transparency, environmental protection and non-toxicity. The two advantages of SK-1104 are strong adhesion and anti-yellowing.

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