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Address:Hunan Changsha National Bio-Industry Base Hunan MAGPOW Adhesive Group


Warm environment, home and earth

Hunan MAGPOW is striving to realize the gardening, office modernization, workshop mechanization, accommodation and apartment, and canteen specialization in order to meet the requirements of the state's environmental management system and employees' occupational health and safety management, and to meet the needs of employees' work and life comfort. Create a beautiful work and living environment for employees.

Garden-style factory environment
 Small bridge running water, Squid play
 "JINXIU Mountain" and "Yuan Lake"

Beautiful office environment
 Elegant multi-functional round-table meeting room, full of corporate style.
 Surrounded by jade, rockery, and magnificent lobby front desk

Comfortable living environment
 Middle and high level administrator dormitory
 Eight-persons room

Colorful activities, vitality in MAGPOW

In order to enrich employees' amateur cultural activities, improve work well-being, slow down the work pressure of employees, let employees relax and self-regulate in their busy work, and work harder with full enthusiasm. Colorful and diverse corporate culture activities.

The company has organized employees to visit the tourist sites such as Guilin, Fenghuang Ancient City and Lushan Mountain to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life and encourage employees to create outstanding achievements in their respective jobs.

 Lushan Tourism Group
 Changsha World Window Tour Photo
 Guilin travel photo
 Jinggang Ancient Town Tourism Group
 Large-scale blind date activities in industrial parks